How to enroll at Lone Rock

District Enrollment

Enrollment and bounary information for in-district and out of district students

Maps of Lone Rock School district are available through the Ravalli County GIS department. Though Lone Rock School District does not charge tuition for out-of-district students, it's important that you know where the school district boundaries are.

If you live within the Lone Rock School District boundary, you are in the Lone Rock Elementary District and the Stevensville High School District.

Lone Rock Elementary and Stevensville Elementary are both WITHIN, the Stevensville High School District, but many people may not be aware of the state laws surrounding the rules of transportation. Stevensville and Lone Rock have mutually agreed through our transportation agreement that we will not break these laws.

Lone Rock elementary residents are not permitted to board the Stevensville School bus while it is inside the Lone Rock District boundary. This is the same for Stevensville students wanting to board the Lone Rock bus if it's in the Stevensville District.

If you wish to ride a Lone Rock School bus, you must board the bus at one of it's stops INSIDE the district boundary. Please contact us to locate those bus stops.