Mill Levy Information Lone Rock School

The Lone Rock School district will be seeking an operational mill levy for the general fund with the upcoming school election in May of 2023. The district will look to fund additional revenue of approximately $250,000. All projections are based on the current school years budget and associated 2022 taxable value for the county. 

Information Mill Levy

Mill Levy Calculation Template

Lone Rock School Operational Mill Levy Need

  • Increasing Employees Annual Salaries and Benefits - Starting Salary is $27,185. We would like to increase the teacher’s

    base salary to $36,000.

  • We need to be able to recruit and retain employees.

  • Valley Starting Base Salaries: Stevi $35,994 Corvallis $36,410 Hamilton $41,000 Florence $34,999 Victor $31,840

  • On-Going Maintenance of Facilities

  • Supplies for the Classroom

  • Textbooks for the Classrooms

  • Update Curriculum Materials– Establish a rotation for adoption

  • 21st Century Educational Technology–Replacement Schedule

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